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Monastery of Vlacherna


Kanoni is the home of this luxury villa rental and was once the capital and heart of the island, rich in nature, history, and culture. The name Kanoni (canon) is derived from the canons that were protecting the city at the entrance of the lagoon, once the main port of the island, one still stands as a reminder of its turbulent history.


Steps go down the hill from Kanoni and you reach the small church of Panagia Vlacherna. A narrow passageway connects the island with the church. Constructed in the 17th century, this lovely chapel has an impressive wooden carved iconostasis and beautiful frescoes inside. The roof has red tiles and above the gate entrance, there is a tall bell tower. Fishing boats depart frequently from the church and go to the legendary Mouse Island, just 5 min boat ride. This lush green island took this name due to its tiny size. According to mythology, this rocky island is the ship of Ulysses that was stoned by god Poseidon. In the centre of the Mouse Island, there is the 13th century church of Pantokrator. This church celebrates on August 6th with a large religious panigiri for Corfu.

Corfu Old Town


A mixture of civilisations has passed through Corfu leaving behind a distinctly different feel to this Greek island. It is easy to appreciate how it received its namesake of the 'emerald-isle' due to the 3-million olive trees it supports. The lush vegetation a result of Venetian rule where money was offered as an incentive to plant olive trees and replace much of the wild varieties with cultivated ones. Thus, cypress trees, palms, and shrubs mix with the almond and wild olive trees to create a wonderful melange of lush forests in varied hues of green.


Corfu town impresses the visitor with two forts and many multi-storied houses from the time of Venetian nobility, their wrought-iron balconies and gardens filled with colorful flowers, along the narrow streets. In January and February is a wonderful time to witness the flowering almond trees as their blossoms stretch across the hillsides. However, due to the special micro-climate of this island, the rich bird-life and bright flowers can be seen year around.


This paradise of an island is a wonderful combination of natural beauty, traditional features, and famous archaeological sites. Offering both secluded calm beaches and exciting night-life to make the most discerning of visitors happy.

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